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Customer can not download projects from Intelligent Advisor using Policy Modeling
Answer ID 6962   |   Last Review Date 09/01/2022

Why do I a receive message "You do not have access to this feature on the Hub" when I am using Policy Modeling and clicking on Hub Projects?


Oracle Policy Modeling


You do not have Collaborative Policy Modeling and Versioning enabled on your Intelligent Advisor interface.

Policy Modeling now has a set of optional features designed to support multiple users working simultaneously with the same project, and to provide fine-grained version control. These features are grouped under the term 'Collaborative Policy Modeling and Versioning'. The Hub project repository is used for project versioning and source control. It also communicates with Policy Modeling in real time to warn users of potential conflicts as they edit rules, screens, attributes and other project components. Note: If you would like these optional features enabled, contact your Oracle sales representative.