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Viewing contacts from only one interface
Answer ID 695   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

We have multiple interfaces. Can we arrange it so that each interface only sees their customers and contacts?


Analytics, Contacts, Incidents


In the Oracle B2C Service database, there is no field within the contact record that establishes if the record was created from one interface or another.

However, incident and contact records can be opened from the same report. Therefore, if you create a report that lists incidents submitted through a specific interface, you can access all the contacts associated with those incidents.

Since the incidents have a system-defined field for interface, you can create a report that lists all contacts that have an incident associated with the specific interface of interest. In the report, include a filter on the incidents.interface_id field. Then when the report is run, you can open either the incident or contact record.

Only contacts who have submitted incidents would be visible and accessible using the incidents report. 

If you need to be able to view contacts for the interface who have not submitted an incident, you can define a contact custom field (named Interface) for example, and set the custom field to the appropriate interface. Then, create a report that filters the contact record based on the value of the interface custom field.

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