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How to enable the integration between ATG Commerce Service Center & Oracle B2C Service
Answer ID 6936   |   Last Review Date 09/10/2019

How can I enable the integration between ATG CSC (Commerce Service Center) and Oracle B2C Service?


Oracle B2C Service: Version August 2014 and newer
Oracle ATG : Version 9.4, 10.2, 11.0


  • Although this integration has been available since August of 2013, this Answer is applicable for release August 2014 and newer. Please refer to answer Answer ID 5941: Oracle RightNow CX Agent Console and ATG Commerce Integration - August 2013 through May 2014.
  • Contact your Sales Account Manager to enable the integration for you.
  • Once the integration is enabled, set the following configuration settings by going to: Site Configuration -> Configuration Settings and searching for ATG*
    • ATG_INTEGRATION_CSC_URL with a value pointing to ATG Commerce Service Center (CSC) URL
    • ATG_INTEGRATION_REST_API_URL with a value pointing to the ATG REST End point.
    • ATG_INTEGRATION_MAPI_USERNAME with a value that is not a staff account on your Service Cloud site. Try to make sure that an account like this would not be created in the future. An example username would be: RNATG_flutterjoys1123.
    • ATG_INTEGRATION_MAPI_PASSWD with a string text. An example would be RNATG_PASSWD1123. This configuration along with the above ATG_INTEGRATION_MAPI_USERNAME configuration will be used by ATG to call Service Cloud web services.
    • ATG_INTEGRATION_MAPI_SEC_IP_RANGE with the IP address range of the ATG CSC Servers
    • ATG_INTEGRATION_PASS_PHRASE with a string text (e.g. RightNowSalt). This text is a shared security key to establish a trusted connection between Service Cloud and ATG. This string text is also used in setting up the ATG CSC for the integration.
    • ATG_INTEGRATION_REST_API_LOGIN with the value that the Service Cloud application can use to invoke ATG APIs.
    • ATG_INTEGRATION_REST_API_PASSWD with the value that the Service Cloud application can use to invoke ATG APIs. This is used in conjunction with ATG_INTEGRATION_REST_API_LOGIN
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