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Engagement Engine Inspector
Answer ID 6933   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

Can I see if an Engagement Engine Rule is working?


Engagement Engine
February 2013 and newer


Engagement Engine offers a tool called Inspector that  provides you with real-time feedback about which Rules are active and how they are being evaluated. This enables you to see what is being done within a Site as a result of Engagement Engine activity.

To Access the Inspector Tool: (found on the Engagement Engine Rules Editor )

1. Click on the Settings button on the right side of the top of the screen bar.
2. Copy the contents of the Inspector Key window to your clipboard (copy and paste)
3. Go to your internet browser that is displaying the page on which you wish to inspect Engagement Engine
4. Using web developer tools, open the browser script console. (Steps to access web developer tools can be found in your browser.The majority of browsers respond to the F12 key)

5. Paste in the Inspector key into the browser script console prompt > and run the command. This should return ‘OK’ and create a session cookie that enables the Inspector tool.
6. Refresh the page to activate the Inspector tool. The inspector tool will obscure part of the webpage.

The Inspector tool should display on your screen when the page reloads. If the Inspector tool does not reload
then check that session cookies are enabled and that an eeDebugKey session cookie has been created.


The left hand side of the Inspector tool shows the Rules window. The right hand side shows a number of
compressed windows that each provide further detail about Engagement Engine activity. You can expand these
windows as required.

The windows that are displayed within Inspector are:

Rules: This provides technical information about the Rules that have run on this page in the current session.
It displays a list of the Rules that have been evaluated. The list is displayed in the order that the Rules were
initially evaluated on the page. If you click on the + button beside a Rule, Inspector displays further detail
about that Rule including how often the Rule Runs, and what Conditions and Actions are associated with the
Note: If a Rule does not run due to server-side Conditions, that Rule is not sent from the Engagement Engine
server to the visitor’s browse, and so is not displayed in the Rules window.

Sites: This provides information about the Site with which the current page is associated, based on Site
Evaluation Order and Site Conditions.

Events: This provides information about the events that have been triggered by Rules and Invites on the
current page. This window updates in real-time and you can clear the contents of this window by clicking on
the Clear button.

Logging: This displays any log entries that have been made while on this page. This includes system log entries
and any custom log entries that have been made as a result of a Rule Action. Logging data is only available
from pages that have been tagged to use atgsvcs-test.js. This window updates in real-time and you can clear
the contents of this window by clicking on the Clear button.

Custom Data: This provides information about what data is currently held in the custom data fields.

The data displayed by Inspector is live data. The information displayed in each of the windows is updated as
soon as new information relevant to each window is generated.

You can take a snapshot of the current data by clicking on the Snapshot button. This creates a new tab which
contains all of the information in each of the windows as it was when the button was pressed. Inspector can
capture a maximum of 5 snapshot tabs at any one time. If you want to pass the snapshot information to Oracle technical support, take a full screenshot and attach it to an incident.