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Submitting "Hello World" examples of customizations for defect analysis
Answer ID 6925   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

I think there is a defect in the customization portion of the software, how should I prepare my question to be submitted to technical support?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions


This answer describes how best to communicate about a potential defect in the Oracle B2C Service product to the technical support group.

Customization of any sort is usually a complicated process, as there are many opportunities and dependencies that can affect the outcome.

Technical support and development groups are optimized to work with issues that are clearly defined and can be reproduced consistently. How can you, the consumer of the product, best define your support question in order to have the most rapid response and resolution?  

In our world we refer to this type of example as a “Hello World!” example.

For those who have some experience in scripting; “Hello World!” is the first program or script a new user would write. It is simply a script that will display the words “Hello World” on the screen, it contains little more than a few lines.

We are looking for all of the excess information not directly relevant to the issue under discussion to be removed.  If your customization has multiple functions or include files that are not critical to the item being tested, we ask that you edit a copy of the file so that these are removed before submitting it for defect investigation.

Oracle B2C Service Technical Support usually does not perform iterative testing on a user’s production interface as a matter of policy. Removing interface dependencies speeds up the defect research process. An additional benefit of providing a simple script, we can modify the resulting script to demonstrate the changes that are needed to get the item to function as designed and return it to you in our response.

How we perform defect analysis when a customization is present

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