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Request Service Collaboration to be provisioned for a site
Answer ID 6903   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

How do we request Service Collaboration to be provisioned for a site?


August 2014 and newer releases


This is the first step required in Requesting and Setting up Service Collaboration.

The first step requires the customer to request that Service Collaboration be provisioned for their Oracle B2C Service site. To request this provisioning:

  • Prerequisites:
    • Upgrade to August 2014 release or later must be complete and accepted (Service Collaboration is only available on August 2014 release and newer)
    • Your site must have the Service Cloud Enterprise or the Enterprise Contact Center license
    • You must be using the new Enhanced Service Console to utilize the collaboration workspace controls
    • Service Collaboration is not currently available on the PC and FG pod.
  • Create a service request with Oracle B2C Service Technical Support.
    NOTE: If you have received a "Welcome" email for the Oracle Cloud Portal service, then you must use the Configuration Assistant option rather than submitting to Technical Support. Refer to Answer ID 7537: Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant on Oracle Cloud Portal for more information.
    • Product: Customization > Integration
    • Subject: Enable Collaboration for Site (CX Sitename)

This will start the provisioning process at Oracle and the provisioning team will notify the requestor when the site creation is complete. At that point, you will have the collaboration service - Oracle Social Network (OSN) site available for use, and any user of Agent Desktop should be able to login and use the service via web client if desired. Instructions on navigating and utilizing OSN via browser are provided under the help section of your Oracle Social Network service.

In the next answer, step 2, we discuss how to Configure Agent Desktop to use the Oracle Social Network service that a was provisioned in step 1.

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