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Emails filtered due to auto-responder
Answer ID 6850   |   Last Review Date 07/08/2019

How can I resolve emails being filtered due to being flagged as an auto responder?


Incoming email, filters, techmail


To find why an email has been filtered due to status of auto-responder you need the header of the message as it is received by our servers.

You can add a rejected email address in a mailbox to get the original message of all filtered emails.  A copy of all filtered messages will be forwarded to the address added to the "Send Rejected Messages To" in the mailbox setup.

Inspect the header of the email and compare it to the regular expression listed in the EGW_AR_CONS_BODY_FLTR, EGW_AR_MODR_BODY_FLTR, EGW_AR_AGGR_BODY_FLTR, EGW_AR_CONS_HEAD_FLTR, EGW_AR_MODR_HEAD_FLTR, or EGW_AR_AGGR_HEAD_FLTR configurations.

You may find it useful to add the regular expression and the mail header to an automated REGEX checker.

If your version of CX contains a tm_filter_details table, you can also create a report to show filter details by email address.  The is evident when the filter reason is techmail_filter_autoresponse and the description contains either "filter by header" or "filter by body".

To allow these, either change your Discard Automatic Responses setting in the mailbox or edit the configuration to remove the part of the regular expression that is causing the filter.


Text in a header or body of an email can cause the message to be filtered depending on the values of the EGW_AR_*_*_FLTR configurations.

For example:

The term "X-LOOP" is added to headers to prevent auto reply loops. If this term is added to an email header it may be filtered depending on the setting in "Send Rejected Messages To".  The aggressive filter contains the following regular expression to find any text containing "x-loop:": /^(X-Loop:)|(X-Loop-?detect):/.

Therefore, if a mail administrator added that flag to a header because a reply would be automatically replied to the email message could be filtered. This is strictly not a case in which the flag should be used. In this case the automatic reply should have the "X-LOOP:" flag added not the original email.