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Access Denied with SOAP API
Answer ID 6756   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Why am I getting an "Access Denied" message using SOAP API?


Connect Web Services for SOAP (CWS) API, All Versions


Does the profile being used have SOAP API permissions?

Check within Oracle B2C Service (OSVC) for the account being used. 

Is the SOAP API Account Locked?

Look under account name to see if the locked check box is checked.


Because of increased security on May 2013 sites and newer, there is a new configuration setting that needs to be set if you are connecting through SOAP API.


Add your IP Address, domain names with wildcards or subnet masks (for example, *,, Default is blank.  For more information refer to Site Configuration in the online documentation.

Another possible cause of receiving an Access Denied message is incorrect syntax when connecting through a wsdl. For further information on this topic refer to Answer ID 6741: Correct Syntax for connecting through the wsdl.

There are also special considerations when using custom domains/virtual hosts. For further information on this topic refer to Answer ID 8117: SOAP only accesible via the interface's primary virtual host.

For the entire Connect Web Services for SOAP API documentation, refer to Answer ID 5169: Technical Documentation and Sample Code.