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Email address used for contacts created from email messages
Answer ID 6677   |   Last Review Date 12/31/2018

What address is used for the contact record if the From and Reply-to address of the incoming email are different?


Oracle B2C Service, Incoming Emails, Contact Records


A customer sends in an email which creates a contact record and an incident. The From and Reply-to address of the message are different.  In this scenario, we are unsure which address will be used in the contact record.


The product determines the email address to associate to the contact record based on precedence. The order of precedence is to "Reply-to", "From" and "Sender."

If there is a Reply-to address in the message, then this will be associated to the contact record and have precedence over the From and Sender. The intent is that if a contact sends a message and has intentionally configured the Reply-to address to be different than the From address, the contact would expect an email response to be sent to the Reply-to address rather than the From address.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the precedence or configure the product to associate one address over the other.

If you would like to submit an enhancement suggestion regarding this feature, please post your submission to the Oracle RightNow Idea Lab. Please see Answer 966: Submitting an enhancement request.