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I receive an error when entering the TAP URL in a browser, {"message":"","errorCode":"404"}
Answer ID 6610   |   Last Review Date 01/07/2019

How do I launch Oracle TAP?


Oracle TAP on an iPad or iPhone

Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud)
Also known as Mobile Agent App / Oracle Tap

NOTE:  Oracle B2C Service Mobile Agent App (TAP) is deprecated as of May 2017


1. Install TAP from the Apple App Store.
2. If it is being used, add the public IP address of the device to the SEC_VALID_ADMIN_HOSTS configuration.  Refer to Answer ID 5569: To Determine Your Internet Protocol (IP) Address for more information.
3. Open the TAP application on the device.
Click "Tap to Add Account" and enter an account name. 
For the for Server URL: enter:

https://<vhost name>/cgi-bin/<interface name>.cfg/php/tap/v1

4. Click Proceed to Login.
5. On the login screen enter the agent's CX login and password and click Login.


If you enter the TAP URL in a browser such as Safari or Chrome like a CX application launch URL, you will get a login screen which appears to confirm that you are launching TAP. However, you will get the following error:


TAP cannot be launched from a browser.