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Chat completion times occur sometimes hours after chat has ended
Answer ID 6513   |   Last Review Date 01/08/2019

The chat has ended but then released a couple of minutes or hours later.  Why?


Chat – Agent Console, Workspaces


In several cases the chat handling times were off by a couple of minutes to several hours.  In particular, the chat has ended but then released sometimes several minutes or hours later.  This causes long wrap up times in reports and prevents agents from taking another session right away.


While a chat is in wrap up mode it will count as an active session for the agent.  This is as designed.  This means, for agents with three active sessions (i.e. maximum sessions allowed), they will not be able to accept another session until one session fully completes.  This is standard functionality to allow agents time to complete any notes or responses that need to be saved.

In an associated workspace, an incident field had been added to the chat workspace and set as required.  The chat workspace was also set with a 30 second wrap up time.

With this in place, as long as the required field in the chat workspace has not been set, the chat session itself cannot close.  Once the enduser disconnects the chat session, this puts the session into wrap up mode (i.e. wrap_up time is written to the chats table).  Once the required field on the chat workspace is set, the chat session can then complete. (i.e. a completed time is written to the chats table).  If this value is being set in the incident workspace, that incident needs to be saved at that time.  This action writes the incident i_id to the chats table and allows the chat to complete.

To work around this behavior, there are two available options.  The first is that agents consistently set all required fields while that chat session is still active.  For example, the agent sets all required fields during the chat session and then the Customer disconnects.  With all required fields completed within the chat session, once the incident is saved and closed, the chat completes as expected.  The second option is to remove the ‘required’ flag from fields in the chat workspace.  Note, it can still be required on the incident workspace.

With this second option in place (remove required flag), the chat session will enter wrap up mode when the enduser disconnects and 30 seconds later (wrap up time set in workspace), the session itself will complete (i.e. completed time written to database).  At the database level, the corresponding wrap_up time and completed time will correctly correspond to these events.

For more information on wrap up mode, refer to Answer ID 7831: Changes to wrap-up mode in Enhanced Console.

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