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Retrieving a complete SOAP envelope
Answer ID 6500   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2019

How do I retrieve a complete SOAP envelope so Oracle B2C Service Technical Support can troubleshoot my SOAP API issue?


Connect Web Services for SOAP (CWS) API, All Versions


Most Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) will allow the capture of a SOAP envelope through their tools. Please refer to the documentation for your development environment to determine if your IDE provides this ability. Other tools, such as packet sniffers (Wireshark) or web debugging proxies (Fiddler2) can capture the traffic from the machine it is installed on, which will allow the extraction of a complete SOAP envelope from the correct transaction. A web search can assist in how to perform these actions with your preferred tool.

In some cases, the SOAP request may be made from a server that cannot have any of these tools installed. If this is your situation, you will need to work with your IT or development teams to determine another method for retrieving this information. Please keep in mind that a complete SOAP envelope is the only method by which Oracle B2C Service Technical Support is able to troubleshoot SOAP issues.

For additional information regarding the elements of a SOAP envelope integral to troubleshooting, please review the following Answer ID 6499: Troubleshooting SOAP issues

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