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Survey Results Contain No Contact Email Address
Answer ID 6399   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Why does my "Survey Responses by Contact (report id 7018)" report not always display an email address associated with a response?


Survey Editor, survey results reports


If you find that some of your survey responses do not contain an email address associated with responses review the configuration of the survey to determine whether the survey is configured to allow anonymous responses.

The 'Allow Anonymous' checkbox appears in the survey Summary tab to the right of the name of the assigned agent. When a survey is configured to allow anonymous responses, Contact information is not required. This means that a customer can submit the survey with no personal details entered, in which case the survey results may not always contain an email address associated with each response.

Selecting Allow Anonymous in your survey does not mean that all responses are anonymous. If a survey invitation is sent to a contact or an Oracle RightNow CX cookie is detected on the contact’s computer, or the survey itself contains an email address field, Feedback attempts to use that information to identify the contact.

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