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Changes of mailbox reply to address on update
Answer ID 6395   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Why did the mailboxes.reply_to address change on update for Oracle Managed Service Mailboxe?


Updates to versions August 2013 and newer.


When updating to versions August 2013 and newer, it is possible that the reply to addresses on Oracle managed service mailboxes were changed to the hosted mailbox reply address.  This will disturb the reply to settings that were configured in earlier versions.

You can set the friendly_from address if you wish and leave the reply_to address the same.  This will brand the email as being from your organization but will deliver emails directly to our hosted mailboxes.   If you have SMTP forwarding set up at your own address you will need to set the reply_to address back to your mailbox address.

If you would like us to change to the reply_to addresses back to what was on your site before update, please make the request through an incident.

Note that the from address of hosted mailboxes should be set to the hosted mailbox reply to address and not to your server.  This address is the bounce address and if it is not set to our server bounces will not be handled properly.