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Changes to mail configuration on site versions August 2013 and newer
Answer ID 6363   |   Last Review Date 11/26/2019

How do I configure my mailboxes on versions August 2013 and newer?


Mailboxes in Oracle B2C Service versions August 2013 and newer.

On versions August 2013 and newer there are changes to the way hosted service mailboxes, Oracle Managed Service mailboxes, are configured.


Oracle Managed Service mailboxes are those mailboxes used for service, for sending and receiving mail on incidents, that reside on our servers on versions August 2013 and above.  These email addresses usually have a address.

Oracle Managed Service mailboxes can now be added and deleted using Configuration Assistant.  Refer to Answer ID 6354: Configuration of Oracle-Managed Service mailboxes for more information. On versions below August 2013, customers have to create an incident requesting mailbox creation or deletion.

Due to changes in mailbox handling, there is enhanced mailbox validation in versions August 2013 or later which requires all service mailboxes created in the agent console match the service mailboxes created at the Oracle B2C Service server level.  These changes are very important and must be performed before update cutover.  Refer to Answer ID 6313: Mailbox errors detected before update for more information.

After update to versions August 2013 and above, mailboxes must be enabled for incoming mail in Configuration Assistant and also the mailboxes editor in CX for outgoing mail.

The changes to Oracle Managed Service mailboxes does not affect Outreach mailboxes or non-hosted mailboxes. Outreach  and/or mailboxes hosted on your own (or other servers) are still configured in the CX console.  See Answer ID 331: Setting up mailboxes in Oracle B2C Service for more information.