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Unable to save contact email address with two successive periods
Answer ID 6350   |   Last Review Date 03/17/2019

Why am I unable to save a contact record that contains two consecutive periods in the local part of the email address?


Oracle B2C Service


The Oracle Service Cloud application complies with RFC 5322 and Internet Message Format standards. RFC 5322 specifically states that the locally interpreted string is either a quoted-string or a dot-atom and cannot consist of two successive periods or a trailing period. For example:

There may be some email providers who allow the local string of the email address to contain successive periods, even though this is not RFC 5322 compliant. Unfortunately, it is not possible to workaround this standard through the Oracle B2C Service product and save a contact email address with two successive periods.

For more information on what is accepted in an email address as part of RFC 5322, please visit