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Mailboxes Setup - Mailbox has not been migrated to Mogmail/Pod servers
Answer ID 6337   |   Last Review Date 06/24/2020

Why do I need to change my mail configuration that shows obsolete pod information?


Mailboxes, Sites updating to August 2013 or newer


If you receive an incident from Technical Support suggesting that you have a missing mailbox but you find that mailbox in the mailboxes configuration, it is possible that the mailbox has not been migrated to our new servers or new pod address.

Check the mailboxes on your site and check the hosted mailboxes pop accounts.  If you find that they are all on the same servers then there is probably no issue.

If you find that the mailbox listed as missing is on a different server than the rest, then the mailbox may have not been migrated. 

Example: Your mailbox is and the rest of your mailboxes are on

As we are moving mailbox configurations, we now require that all data match from the CX mailboxes table to what actually exists on our servers. Therefore pop server, from, and reply to addresses may no longer have the following addresses:

Also, if your site has been migrated to a different  pod, you should no longer use the previous pod information.

NOTE: Even though we are requiring changes to the mailbox configuration, we still have redirects in place to handle mail sent to obsolete pods.  However, if you have SMTP forward rules in place that list obsolete pods, we suggest that you change the addresses to your current pod name.


New functionality in versions August 2013 and above and the self serve mailbox controls require that mailboxes be set appropriately.