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Updating Intelligent Advisor
Answer ID 6243   |   Last Review Date 09/28/2022

How do I request an update (upgrade) to Intelligent Advisor?


Intelligent Advisor, All Versions


Intelligent Advisor updates comply with the following:

• Updates happen automatically
• There is no need to request an update (see below for self-service on test sites)
• There is no ability to opt out of an update, however you may request the update be delayed if a suitable business case exists
• There is no downtime associated with the update of an Intelligent Advisor site

New: As soon as a quarterly release is generally available, the Service Cloud Configuration Assistant  allows you to create an updated clone of your production Intelligent Advisor site.

Updated clones of the production Intelligent Advisor site are provided as a courtesy to allow compatibility testing of unsupported customizations. Any issues found should be fixed directly in the production site prior to the update date. Note that changes made to updated production clones are not automatically merged with the production site.

For further information on Intelligent Advisor updates refer to: Answer ID 6244: Intelligent Advisor update schedule.