What documentation is available for the November 2013 release?

The following links direct you to all documentation specific to this release.

Deployment guide

The Deployment Guide describes the client deployment and includes procedures for downloading, logging in, and configuring custom deployment options.

Online help

The November 2013 User Guide provides comprehensive documentation for all areas of the current release. This web-based system offers search capabilities, best practices, tutorial links, glossary term pop-ups, breadcrumb navigation aids, icons to identify the type of information being presented, and other useful features to help you find the information you need quickly and easily.

Release notes


The tutorials for the November 2013 release introduce you to product features and offer step-by-step instructions for many common tasks.

Upgrade Guides

The online upgrade guides will help you upgrade your installation by providing an overview of the upgrade process, describing specific steps for upgrading from your current release to November 2013, and showing you how to test and evaluate your upgrade. A series of guided questions will lead you through only the sections that apply to your installation. To begin, select the release you are upgrading from.

Customer Portal Migration Guide

The Customer Portal Migration Guide describes procedures for migrating your customer portal from Framework Version 2 (previously known as November 09) to Framework Version 3.


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