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Data Import Wizard error messages
Answer ID 6209   |   Last Review Date 04/28/2019

What do the messages mean in the Data Import Wizard pre-scan?


Data Import Wizard


During the Data Import process, the data file is first scanned for errors (such as incorrectly formatted email addresses) and the content pane displays the results. If the Wizard’s prescan process returns any errors, you can select the Ignore Errors check box to ignore them and continue importing only those records that did not return errors. However, if the prescan reveals any errors involving records that you need to import, you must resolve the errors in order to proceed. You can do so by manually repairing the records in the data file and rerunning the wizard, or you can click the Back button to return to the column mapping page and either clear the mapping for columns that returned errors or map them to another field. However, if you want to import all the data as originally mapped, you need to repair the records in the data file.

Here are some common errors:

  • Data type mismatch for field

Example: contact identification field (c_id) is defined as an integer field and the data to be added/inserted has "1234jane" (will only accept 1234)

  • Duplicate in Import File

Answer ID 4162: Duplicate Criteria in Data Import Wizard
Answer ID 8345: "Multiple Matches" error in Data Import Wizard

  • Inserts are not allowed

Answer ID 6208: Not able to import new records

  • Invalid lookup value for field

Example: country field (country_id) US and UK are configured as valid countries and the data to be added/inserted has "JP" which is not defined
- Resolution: Define country being imported prior to running import.

Example: Organization contains comma
- Resolution: If possible, import org_id value rather than name and/or remove commas from org name value.

Answer 10827: Invalid look-up value for field 'X' validation error on Data Import

  • Too many contacts assigned to the same organization in the file -  you cannot upload more than 500 contacts for an individual organization record

Answer ID 1918: Number of contacts associated with an organization

  • Value ‘’ for column ‘email’ ($3) is not a valid email address”. In this example, $3 is the column number where the error occurred.

Example: The email address does not match the standard format which would be something like "" and the data to be added/inserted is "", or "anyname@", or "anyname@".

  • Prescan Error: Unable to perform record deduplication.  Please ensure that your duplicate criterion matches a unique record for each import row.

Answer ID 8379: Data Import Wizard error: unable to perform record deduplication

More information regarding the Upload/Import Wizard tools is available in Answer 2427: Importing records using Data Import Wizard.

For additional information, refer to the 'Data import error handling' section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.