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Question Receipt and statuses
Answer ID 6179   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

How does the Status of an incident impact the Question Receipt?


Rules, Outbound Email


There are three different types of statuses that can be applied to an incident:

  1. Unresolved
  2. Waiting
  3. Solved

Depending on the type of status that is applied to an incident it may impact the sending of the "Question Receipt".  Outlined below are two scenarios that highlight the difference of applying a different status type to an incident and if the Question Receipt is sent or not in each scenario.


Scenario 1:  A "Solved" status is applied to an incident and and the Question Receipt is configured to be sent.  In this scenario the Question Receipt is NOT sent.  Here is an example rule for this scenario:


  1. Set Status to:  Solved
  2. Send Receipt Email

NOTE:  That when an incident hits the above rule (this can be verified in the rule log) the Question Receipt will NOT be sent and this may seem counter-intuitive due to the rule log.  However this scenario is functioning as designed as the Question Receipt will intentionally not be sent when an incident status is "Solved".

If there is an intention to send a response to the customer via rules when an incident has a "Solved" status a rule can be configured to send a standard text.  Below is an exmaple rule that will accomplish this:


  1. Set Status to:  Solved
  2. Append Response Template to Response Field:  <name of standard text>
  3. Send Email Response to Sender


Scenario 2:  A "Waiting" or "Unresolved" status is applied to an incident and and the Question Receipt is configured to be sent.  In this scenario the Question Receipt IS sent.  Here are two examples rules for this scenario:


  1. Set Status to:  Unresolved
  2. Send Receipt Email


  1. Set Status to:  Waiting
  2. Send Receipt Email

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