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Why can't I pull my report through SOAP or REST API?
Answer ID 6177   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

Why do I receive an 'Invalid ID...' error when trying to pull an existing report through SOAP or REST API ?


Analytics, API


We're trying to pull a report through SOAP/REST API.  It does exist as public within the application, but we're receiving this error:

"Invalid ID: No such AnalyticsReport with ID = ######"


If your report contains tables that are not visible to external integrations, trying to pull that report through an API will result in the "No such AnalyticsReport with ID" error. For instance, including any of the following real time chat tables will cause this behavior:

Chat Agent Sessions - Real Time (chat_agent_sessions_rt) Chat Groups - Real Time (chat_groups_rt) Chat Queue Stats - Real Time (chat_queue_stats_rt) Chats - Real Time (chats_rt)