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"Fatal error; cannot connect to server" at login screen
Answer ID 6164   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Why am I seeing a "fatal error: cannot connect to server" at the login screen of the Oracle RightNow console?


Oracle B2C Service, Login Window error


The BRAND_CONTENT_URL configuration setting allows you to customize the content pane of the login screen of the CX console.

When this configuration is blank, the default behavior was to show a RightNow logo in this content pane which is hard coded into the product. Due to the de-commissioning of the domain, this hard coded URL is no longer valid.

To resolve this issue, please edit the BRAND_CONTENT_URL configuration setting to contain a valid URL path to an image or page. Please see the Answer 1961: Customize the administration Login window for additional information on how to edit this configuration setting.

Once the BRAND_CONTENT_URL configuration setting has been edited, a log out and log in may be required to allow the content pane to correctly display the updated contents.