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Understand what data can be mapped between Intelligent Advisor and Oracle B2C Service / CX data model
Answer ID 6163   |   Last Review Date 05/03/2022

What data can be mapped between a policy model in Intelligent Advisor and the Oracle B2C Service / CX data model?


Intelligent Advisor, latest release
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC, CX)


Intelligent Advisor interviews can load and save Oracle B2C Service data. To do this, Intelligent Advisor entities and attributes are mapped to corresponding Oracle B2C Service objects and fields.

The following limitations apply to data mapping for Oracle B2C Service objects and fields. These restrictions are all enforced by Intelligent Advisor at project build time:

  1. Interviews designed for anonymous users can only create data, not load or update data. This is because data can only be loaded for an authenticated user (Contact/Agent).
  2. At the global level, the list of available objects is limited: 
  3. A number of Service Cloud lists are supported by Intelligent Advisor.
    • Supported lists and menus will have value lists generated for them in Policy Modeling. When mapping Intelligent Advisor attributes to these list fields, they can only be mapped to Intelligent Advisor text attributes, and the list values are not editable by the interview designer.
    • Unsupported lists and menus (including all custom menus) can still be mapped for input and output, however, value lists aren’t generated for them, so the designer has to ensure that the values submitted are valid by using their own value list or rule table to constrain the possible input values from the user, and to display items as helpful text rather than menu item IDs.
    • After making changes to supported lists in Service Cloud, ensure there is visibility for the updated items for the interface used, and refresh the data model in Policy Modeling to pull in changes to the associated value lists.
  4. For interviews that are set up to create Service Cloud objects, all required fields must be output-mapped to Intelligent Advisor attributes. Fields that are required by Oracle B2C Service are indicated in the Output Mapping view in Policy Modeling by a red asterisk.
  5. Intelligent Advisor attributes can only be mapped to compatible Service Cloud fields.
  6. Generally, whether an object or field can be input-mapped, output-mapped or both is determined by the Service Cloud object model. Note: For more detailed information on the Service Cloud object model, see the section Object Model Introduction (opens in new window) in the Service Cloud documentation. There are some further limitations imposed by Intelligent Advisor:
    1. Inferred entities can only be mapped for interviews that are set up to create Service Cloud objects, and none of the fields can be input-mapped.
    2. Intelligent Advisor attributes with temporal values cannot be output-mapped.
  7. There is no support for to-one relationships (for example, Organization of a Contact)
  8. While usage of Connect Web Services for SOAP is unlimited, there are practical limits which are enforced by the server. For more information, see API Limits(opens in new window).

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