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Sending Chat users to a page when no Chat agents are available
Answer ID 616   |   Last Review Date 12/16/2018

When all agents are unavailable and the customer requests an email, can we redirect them to a custom URL?


Redirecting customers when all Chat agents are unavailable
B2C Service Chat


When all agents are unavailable for Chat, the customer is given the opportunity to request an email. They current go back to the Ask a Question page, but we would like to redirect them to a different web page.


In Customer Portal, when no agents are available, where the customer is directed is controlled by the ChatRequestEmailResponseButton widget attribute.

The widget is found in the /development/views/pages/chat/chat_landing.php, which shows as follows:
     <rn:widget path="chat/ChatRequestEmailResponseButton"/>

In a default setup, the button redirects to the URL "/app/ask" (i.e. Ask a Question page).

The redirect URL can be modified by adding page_url parameter.    For example if you wish to redirect to "/app/answers/list", then you can add attribute as follows:
     <rn:widget path="chat/ChatRequestEmailResponseButton" page_url="/app/answers/list"/>

In English interface, the button label shows as "Request Email Response", and you will probably prefer to change this in accordance with the change in redirect URL.    The label can be modified by editing the REQUEST_EMAIL_RESPONSE_LBL message base.  Path:  Site Configuration > Message Bases > Search by Key.