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"Unknown or Disabled item" in incident rules mailbox condition
Answer ID 6080   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

When trying to select a mailbox for the Incident.Mailbox rule condition, why is there a menu item of "Unknown or Disabled item?"


Oracle RightNow CX, Versions August 2013 and newer


The Incident.Mailbox incident rule condition can be used to select Service and Outreach mailboxes in a rule. Only mailboxes which have Outgoing email enabled are selectable in this rule condition since the Incident.Mailbox field is used to determine which mailbox is used for incident responses.

You will see the menu item of "Unknown or Disabled item" if you have created a rule which contains Incident.Mailbox and then later disable outgoing mail for one of your mailboxes. To resolve this issue, you will need to either edit the rule and remove the rule condition and re-add it so that the mailbox which no longer has outgoing mail enabled will be removed as a menu item for that rule, or re-enable the mailbox for outgoing mail.