Use a connection with Policy Automation
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What is a connection in Policy Automation?


Oracle Policy Automation (latest release)


A connection allows data from an external connected application to be loaded into, and saved out of, an interaction with a policy model (such as a web-based interview). Connections to external connected applications are created and managed on Policy Automation Hub by the Hub Administrator for a project. OPA supports several different types of connections:

  • Oracle Service Cloud connections - provide a connection between a Service Cloud site and Policy Automation Hub. Policy Automation Hubs that were licensed with Service Cloud will automatically be connected to a Service Cloud instance.
  • Web service connections - provide a connection between any application, other than Service Cloud, and Policy Automation Hub via a web service connector. Pre-defined web service connectors are available for Oracle Sales and Engagement Cloud, Siebel and some other Oracle applications.
  • Static metadata connections - provide a way, without developing a web service connection, for policy modelers to map to a particular pre-defined data model, even if that doesn't match any particular external application.

Once a connection has been established, policy modelers can then:

  1. Choose the connection from a project in Policy Modeling, and
  2. Set up data mappings for the project in Policy Modeling. This involves binding Oracle Policy Automation entities and attributes to tables and fields in the external connected application.

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