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Managing Intelligent Advisor Users
Answer ID 6059   |   Last Review Date 05/03/2022

How are users managed in Intelligent Advisor?


Intelligent Advisor, latest release


Oracle Intelligent Advisor Hub user accounts are needed for all of the following:

  • Uploading policy models to Intelligent Advisor Hub
  • Deploying policy models
  • Administering other users and modifying user permissions
  • Calling Determinations API web services for deployed policy models
  • Using the Intelligent Advisor Hub REST API

Customers and partners do not need to be Hub users to access and interact with an Intelligent Advisor interview. They can be either:

  • Agents or Contacts that have been authenticated by Oracle B2C Service,
  • Authenticated users that are verified by a web service connector,
  • Anonymous users. Note that allowing anonymous access to Intelligent Advisor interviews requires careful security planning. See Secure an Intelligent Advisor interview for recommendations about how to minimize these.

When developing integrations using Intelligent Advisor Determinations API, access to any of a deployed policy model’s web service endpoints requires an Intelligent Advisor Hub user account with the Determinations API role.

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