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Test cases in Intelligent Advisor
Answer ID 6058   |   Last Review Date 06/25/2020

What are test cases in Intelligent Advisor?


Intelligent Advisor, latest release


For the long term maintainability of rules, test cases should always be created whenever rules are developed. Test cases can immediately confirm that all rules are giving expected outcomes, and tell you if any rule change has had any inadvertent side effects.

Test cases are collected into testing documents, and can be executed as often as needed. If needed, hundreds or even thousands of test cases can be managed in a single project.

Test cases specify the data that would be loaded at the start or entered during the interview and expected outcomes. Test cases can be used with sample data (contained in a test data connector file) that specifies the data that would be dynamically loaded during an interview.

Testing documents can also be useful for what-if analysis, allowing a policy author to see how policy changes affect outcomes.

Test cases are defined in Microsoft Excel and managed in Policy Modeling. This enables you to:

  • Easily create variations on test cases
  • Share common data across multiple test cases
  • See differences between actual and expected results
  • Keep test results from previous policy versions
  • Use standard Excel features to chart and analyze results