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Some staff do not appear in Salesperson menu when creating an organization or contact
Answer ID 5987   |   Last Review Date 04/08/2022

Why don't some staff accounts appear in the Salesperson drop down menu when creating an organization?


Organizations, Accounts, Profiles


Visibility for assignment as a Salesperson can be enabled/disabled at the profile level.  Use the steps below to resolve this:  

1. For affected accounts, open their associated profile for edit.  
2. Select Permissions from the top ribbon and then the Opportunities tab.  
3. Enable the Assignment - Appear in Menus option and save the profile change.  

When you create a new organization, all staff associated with this profile will then be available from the Salesperson drop down.  Note:  If you do not see them right away, you may need to log out and back into the application to test results.  Changes should be immediate.