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Second chat transcript missing from associated incident
Answer ID 5831   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

After associating a chat with an existing incident, why didn't the second transcript appear in the discussion thread?


Chat / Agent Console


This can occur in some situations where a specific sequence of events are followed.  Scenarios involve re-associating a chat to an existing incident during the chat session.  When the chat ends, agents are prompted if they want to edit the incident.  The incident is not open at that point and they click 'Yes' to open the incident.  

1. In one scenario they right-click the incident tab and click "close all" which closes both the chat and the incident.  When they do this they are asked if they want to discard their edits.  It also mentions edits were made to multiple records and the chat is mentioned as the other record.  

2. In the second scenario they click the Refresh button in the incident workspace ribbon.  Again they are asked if they want to discard their edits and if they press yes the transcript is lost.  In this case the chat will close at that time and the incident will refresh so they can make new edits and save the incident.  If they try to close that incident without edit they will get the same prompt as scenario one about multiple records being edited and the chat listed.

Additional Information:

When a transcript is not saved, the Chat Events (ID 3054) and Chat Event Details (ID 3029) reports can be helpful.  Administrators can then recover the missing transcript and paste or attach it to the incident.  Use the chat ID value as your search criteria.  

The paths to these reports are as follows:
\Public Reports\Service\Chat Reports\Audit Reports\Audit Details >> Chat Events (ID 3054)
\Public Reports\Service\Chat Reports >> Chat Event Details (ID 3029)