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Add a form to an Intelligent Advisor interview
Answer ID 5778   |   Last Review Date 06/24/2020

How is a form added to a Intelligent Advisor interview?


Intelligent Advisor, latest release


A form is a document that can be generated from an Intelligent Advisor interview. It provides the user with a record of the interview, including answers and conclusions, that they can view and download. Forms have many uses, including pre-filled claim forms and advice letters. For example, if a person is applying for a benefit, product refund or completing a safety inspection, Intelligent Advisor can ensure all of the required data is collected and then generate the appropriate paperwork for the situation.

Policy Modeling supports the creation of rich text format (RTF), PDF (including PDF/A), HTML, XML and Excel forms.

After you have authored your policy model in Policy Modeling (including finalizing your data model) and you have tested it, you can then create a form by following these steps:

  1. Add or import a form to the project
    You can either add a new form and the associated blank template file to the project, or alternatively, you can import an existing form and the associated template into the project.

  2. Design the template for the form
    You design RTF form templates in Microsoft Word using the BI Publisher Template Builder. You design PDF form templates in your preferred PDF editing tool using the Intelligent Advisor PDF Form Assistant.

  3. Add a form link to an interview screen
    You add a form link to the interview to enable the user to generate and view your form, or to save a copy of the form to a connected application.

  4. Test the generation of the form document
    You can test that your form document generates in the format and style with the content that you expected.


Forms can be created in different languages. For more information, see Create a form in a different language.