Establishing Policy Automation data mappings
Answer ID 5776   |   Last Review Date 10/03/2019

How are data mappings established in Policy Automation interviews?


Oracle Policy Automation (latest release)


Data mapping enables you to pre-seed data in an Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) interview from Oracle Service Cloud and to save outcomes from the interview to Service Cloud. To do this, data in OPA needs to be mapped to corresponding Service Cloud objects and fields.

Order of data mapping

Data mapping is done at three levels, and in this order:

  1. Mapping the Global entity in OPA to the equivalent objects in Service Cloud. The global entity instance in OPA can be bound to a maximum of three objects in Service Cloud:
    1. the user context
    2. an additional top-level input
    3. a top-level output
  2. Mapping the non-global entities in OPA to the equivalent objects in Service Cloud. This also binds the relationship (or the link between the objects) in Service Cloud to the OPA containment relationship. Note that the mapping of reference relationships is not currently supported for Service Cloud connections.
  3. Input mapping and output mapping individual attributes in OPA to fields in the objects of Service Cloud.