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Create a language translation for Intelligent Advisor model
Answer ID 5775   |   Last Review Date 10/29/2021

How is a language translation created for a policy model in Intelligent Advisor?


Intelligent Advisor, latest release


You can translate an existing policy model into another language by adding translation documents to the project. Translation documents allow you to deploy a single policy model in multiple languages, while continuing to maintain your policy model in its original language. Translation documents are Excel files in which you specify your own translations of the relevant elements of the project, in any language you choose.

Note that creating and running a translation document allows you to provide a language translation of your policy model only. It will not modify the formatting of data such as currency, date and number conventions and so on. These formats are set based on the project region setting for your original policy model. For more information on how to change these formats, see Configure the formatting of attribute values in an interview.

Tip: Translation documents are demonstrated in the Travel Compensation example project, installed with Policy Modeling.

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