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Incident Response emails are showing BCC values by certain email clients
Answer ID 5768   |   Last Review Date 07/15/2019

Why are Incident Response emails showing BCC values when viewed in Gmail and Yahoo?


Outgoing Emails / System Configuration


The sending MUA (Mail User Agent) is responsible for stripping the Bcc details from an outgoing message.  In the Hosted environment, this is Postfix or Sendmail. A MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) does not strip the Bcc details.  In the Hosted environment, that would be Ecelerity.  

In some cases, such as Hotmail or Outlook, recipient clients may strip the BCC values.  It has been reported that Yahoo and Gmail do not strip the BCC values.  This allows for recipients using these clients to see all BCC email address values in an email sent from Oracle-RightNow CX.

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