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Do we need to use the Server Fallback when using the Shared Network Location
Answer ID 5712   |   Last Review Date 12/31/2018

We have set the Shared Network Location (SNL), do we need to use the Server Fallback?


Shared Network Location (SNL), November 2011 and later releases


When set, the Server Fallback allows the agent's console to pull update files from the RightNow servers should the Share Network Location (SNL) be set and not be available to agents.

When the SNL is set and the Server Fallback is not set; agents are only able to pull updates from the SNL. Agents can not pull the update files directly from the Oracle B2C Service servers. In this case, if an update is applied to a site and the SNL is not available or reachable by the agent's console, they will not be able to log in.