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System Requirements for Oracle Cobrowse
Answer ID 5673   |   Last Review Date 02/09/2022

Which agent and customer environments are supported by Oracle Cobrowse?


Oracle Co-browse (all versions)


The information below provides supported environments for both agents and end-user customers using Co-browse:

  • In Instant Co-browse Mode (ICB)
  • In Advanced Co-browse Mode
  • Integrated with the Oracle B2C Service Dynamic Agent Desktop or B2C Service Chat
  • The Co-browse Administrative Console

System Requirements for Oracle Standalone Co-browse:

Note: For each browser mentioned below, the supported version is the latest (most recent) stable version.

OS Family Required Version Browser Notes
Windows Windows 10 Firefox  
    Google Chrome  
    MS Edge  
    MS IE

Compatibility mode, quirks mode, and IE8-IE10 document modes are not supported

Support for IE11 to be phased out by summer of 2022.

macOS Mojave 10.14,
Catalina 10.15,
Big Sur 11.6.1 
ACB is not supported in this configuration due to browser limitations.
    Google Chrome  
Linux   Firefox  
Android   Google Chrome  
iOS iOS 12, iOS 13 Safari  

In-App Co-browse System Requirements

OS Family Required Version
Android Android SDK 16 and higher (Android 4.1+)
iOS 12.0 or higher


Oracle Co-browse integrated with the Oracle B2C Service Agent Desktop and/or B2C Service Chat adheres to the Oracle B2C Service System Requirements. See Oracle B2C Service Infrastructure Requirements for your versions.

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