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PC Pod (PCI) Pre-Migration Checklist
Answer ID 5624   |   Last Review Date 11/23/2021

What do I need to consider before my site migrates to the PC Pod (PCI)?


PCI/DSS, PC pod, PS pod, Masking


  1. Has a pre-screen been conducted by our Security Team on your site?
  2. Are you currently and do you wish to continue using custom URLS?
  3. Do you currently have any projects in flight?
  4. What are your current customizations and/or crons associated with your site on its current pod?
  5. Ensure port 993 and/or 995 is open for mail.
  6. What types of outbound integrations do you have in place and what protocols do you support? Sftp? Webdav?
  7. Do you have any add-ins? If so, please provide the source code.
  8. Will any kind of sensitive data be received (CCs, SSNs, HIPAA-classified, etc)?