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Information on different database types used for reporting
Answer ID 5609   |   Last Review Date 01/22/2019

What are the purposes of the different database types?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions


Oracle B2C Service provides two types of databases for reporting. Each has a different purpose.

  • The Operational Database, also called the RightNow CX database, is the live production database recording all interactions processed from customers, agents, other employees, etc., in real-time. When RightNow Analytics points to this database, it’s reporting on live, real-time production data. The Operational Database is a transactional database. Transactional databases are designed to process individual transactions quickly and efficiently. This design allows you to interact with your customers quickly when they contact you, provide them fast answers, and to process their related interaction records quickly. The Operation database has a max scan size of 2,000,000 rows for reporting.
  • The Report Database (also referred to as the replication server) is a replicated non-live copy of the Operational Database. It shifts the processing of some RightNow Analytics reports off the Operational Database so they run faster and don’t impact performance of the live production system. Even though the replication server is a replication of the Operational Database, it isn’t used to process transactions as the Operational Database is. Rather, it’s specifically reserved to perform processing-intensive activities that shouldn’t be performed on the Operational Database. The replication server is constantly being updated by the Operational Database. For more information, refer to Answer ID 2817: Reporting data seems incorrect or behind. The Report database has a max scan size of 5,000,000 rows for reporting.


  • The replication server is a copy which is constantly being updated from the operational database. If the replication server falls behind in syncing to the production server, then updates to reports will not show immediately.  In most cases, your replication connection will be up to date. However, there may be times when the replication server falls behind and replication may be several days old. This is normal & expected behavior.

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