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Oracle Policy Automation Overview
Answer ID 5599   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2019

What is Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service?


Oracle Policy Automation, latest release


Oracle Policy Automation is designed to deliver consistent and auditable advice across channels and business processes by capturing rules in natural language Microsoft Word and Excel documents and building interactive customer service experiences called interviews around those rules.

The Oracle Policy Automation suite provides:

  • Policy Modeling: A desktop modeling experience for policy experts
  • Oracle Policy Automation: A management console for tracking and deploying policy versions to the cloud as integrated interviews or web services
  • Interviews that streamline web-based and mobile advice for customers and agents
  • Built-in connectivity with Oracle Service Cloud
  • APIs, Frameworks and SDKs for integrating policies into other applications and processes

Solutions available for customers and agents, policy experts and administrators, and developers

Oracle Policy Automation is also available for private cloud customers: 

To log into the Policy Automation hub, see Log in to Policy Automation Hub.  Your log in credentials for the Policy Automation Hub are different than your Oracle Service Cloud credentials if you are using Oracle Service Cloud as well.  When your Oracle Policy Automation site is created, you will receive the admin credentials to log into the Policy Automation Hub.  To access your Oracle Service Cloud instance, you need to set up Staff Accounts within the agent desktop to access the site.  

If you are using Oracle Service Cloud in conjunction with OPA based on your business needs, the two instances can be connected via the Configuration Assistant.  You can also connect with a REST/SOAP API.  For using REST/SOAP API, please see Connector Framework for additional details. 

For more information on Policy Modeling (Cloud Edition), Oracle Policy Automation Hub or any of the features such as Interviews and Web Services, refer to the Answer ID 5597: Oracle Policy Automation Documentation.

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