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Surveys and SSL
Answer ID 5578   |   Last Review Date 05/05/2020

How do I make my survey submit button use HTTPS?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions


You must have end-user SSL enabled, SEC_END_USER_HTTPS set to 1, for surveys submit links to use SSL.  Enabling end user SSL will enable SSL for all your customer portal and Outreach interaction.

Also, the link must be given to the customer as HTTPS.  

Important Notes:
You must have force end-user SSL enabled for surveys submit links to use SSL.  Enabling this setting will force SSL for all your customer portal and Outreach interaction. This change must be made with a request to Technical Support.

Certificates and SSL coverage are applied at the site level as a whole. This means all services that use SSL could be potentially impacted, including but not limited to, chat, main launcher link (if HTTPS is enabled), the end-user pages, etc.

SSL can be used on a site at any time without forcing end-user SSL by providing links with "HTTPS", however, the survey submit button will still be HTTP.


Surveys use the end-user SSL setting to select HTTP or HTTPS submit links.

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