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FAQ's for Mobile Agent App / Tap
Answer ID 5575   |   Last Review Date 01/07/2019

What are some Frequently Asked Questions for Mobile Agent App / Tap in Oracle RightNow CX?


Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud)
Also known as Mobile Agent App / Oracle Tap

NOTE:  Oracle B2C Service Mobile Agent App (TAP) is deprecated as of May 2017


Below are a few common questions regarding the Mobile Agent App:

What is the Mobile Agent App?

The Mobile Agent App allows you to manage incidents, tasks and contacts on the go using your Apple iPad or iPhone device, the Oracle Tap application, and your Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service credentials.

Where can I download Tap?

Using your iPad or iPhone, search the App Store for Oracle Tap.

What is the Oracle B2C Service server URL I need to enter into Tap?

After the Mobile Agent App is enabled for your site, you can enter the following server URL pattern into Tap - https://<sitename>/cgi-bin/<interface name>.cfg/php/tap/v1

Can I use Tap and Oracle B2C Service on an iPhone or Android device?

iPhones can be used with November 2013 and newer releases. Android devices cannot be used.

Can I customize any of the reports or workspaces?

Very limited customization is offered for reports. 

  • You can modify the values used to filter by the last updated date in the various incident lists by searching for the configuration settings MOBILITY* on the CX console.
  • You can also modify many of the labels used on the client. Please refer to the attachments section for information on the CustomizableLabels13-2.xls reference guide.
  • You can create customized workspaces and set them on a per profile basis.
  • Custom mobile workspaces can also include custom objects and custom fields.

Can I search for other incidents, contacts or organizations?

Located on the main menu, the search function makes it easy to locate a specific contact, organization, staff member or incident.

Why am I getting a login error?

Following are some common errors and areas of the URL to check to make sure they are specified correctly.

Authentication Failure: forbidden

  • Make sure you are using https
  • Check to make sure the .cfg section of the URL is correct

Authentication Failure: Invalid authentication URL

  • Check the full URL - Make sure the <sitename>, <interface_name>, and php/tap/v1 is all correctly specified.

Authentication Failure: not found

  • Incorrect characters after <sitename>
  • Remember there is no trailing / after/v1, make sure there is no space after the URL, etc

Authentication Failure: internal server error

  • Incorrect characters after /cgi-bin/

Server Unreachable

  • This typically means the client cannot find the http server. You may have entered the wrong host/port or you may have lost your Internet (or VPN) connection. If you want to use the client in Offline mode, turn on the iPad in Airplane Mode.


Customizable labels

Please find attached "CustomizableLabels 13-2.xls", a list of the customizable labels used in the Mobile Agent App and the Keys for the Oracle B2C Service Administrator to search the Site Configuration > Message Bases if they want to modify the labels.

Mobile incident and contact list report

Please find attached "incidentsListview100125.xml", an Oracle B2C Service report that you can import into your system to simulate the list of incidents that will be available to users on their iPads after they first login (incidents where status_type != solved and last updated date is within the last 30 days.). You can import the report as follows: Reports Explorer > New Report > Import Report Definition. The purpose of the report is two-fold.

The report is designed to help you identify the number of incidents that will be listed. We recommend keeping the list at a manageable number (less than 1000 is a good start). If there are too many incidents, the client will be slow. If you find that there are too many incidents, adjust the last updated time to a smaller number. Once you are satisfied, you can adjust the value that will be used by the Mobile Agent App by modifying the configuration setting, MOBILITY_INCIDENTS_DAYS_LIMIT.