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Data Restore Process
Answer ID 5536   |   Last Review Date 07/18/2022

We have inadvertently deleted data from our site. Can it be restored?


Process for Data Restore Requests
Oracle B2C Service


The Oracle B2C Service product runs on a transactional production database, and is not a data warehouse. Therefore, deleted records are not easily restored as there is no automated option built into the product to "undo" delete actions.

In order to re-insert the deleted records back into the database exactly as they were before, custom scripts need to be created. The custom scripts are required to alter the database tables to reinsert the record data that was deleted, such as, incident reference numbers, threads, assigned info, product/category, time stamps, etc., in addition to all the data found in all the associated tables. This is not an easy task and can take months to complete. For this reason, this is not a task that can be handled by the Oracle B2C Service Technical Support team. 

To restore the deleted records back into your site exactly as they were, you will need to engage the Oracle Consulting Services Team to create all the custom scripts needed to reinsert the data back into the database as it was before the delete action. This is a very pricey undertaking that can cost 10s of the thousands of dollars. If you want us to go to consulting and let them know you are willing to pay whatever the fee is.

The Restore Site option:

The Oracle B2C Service Technical Support team can create a restore site. A restore site is created from a daily backup taken of your site. It is a temporary site that is available for 30 days. You can use the restore site to copy/reference the deleted data. There is no additional cost or fee to create the restore site. 

You will need to consider the date/time that the data was deleted in order to provide the date of the backup you wish to use. For example, if the records were deleted on October 2nd, you need the October 1st backup. 

NOTE: The backups of your site hosted on Oracle servers are captured every 24 hours. These daily backups are kept for 14 days, and then one backup per week is retained for approximately a year. The backups are kept on the hosting server and a disaster recovery center.  Test site backups are not maintained as they are a clone site created from the production site. Therefore, it is not possible to restore the test site or data from the test site.  If the deleted data was created after the backup run, and deleted before the next backup is created, this data is not recoverable. 

Typically, customers choose to simply copy the records from a restore site into new records on the production site and associate them manually with the other records because of the high fee to restore the database back with all table insertions exactly as they were when the items were deleted. For example, re-create the deleted incident and manually associate it to the contact record. 

Please understand that Oracle B2C Service Technical Support cannot assist you with retrieving, moving, copying, or any data management tasks. 


File attachments are not included in a restore site. If you need specific file attachments, please include a list with your request. 

It is suggested that you carefully review who has the ability to delete items from your database as you do not want to accidentally delete items that you need. Some customers like to mark them to review for deletion before they delete them by using a custom object or field that marks the record and then it can be reviewed by someone else who can then mark the record for deletion and then only delete those records. Be sure to consider cascading deletes. For example: if a contact is deleted, all incidents, opportunities, etc. associated with that contact are deleted.  If an organization is deleted, all contacts, incidents, etc. associated with that organization are deleted.

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