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External web search reference page for Customer Portal
Answer ID 5455   |   Last Review Date 03/11/2019

How can I display external web search results on the answers/list page?


Knowledge Base External Search (Web Indexer) in versions February 2012 and newer releases


Before any results can be displayed, the Knowledge Base External Search must be configured in the CX console and keywordindexer must be run and added to the schedule.

Please refer to Answer ID 2221: Getting started with Web Indexer for more information for more information.


There are 2 built-in reports available for External Search results: 10016 and 10022.  Since these reports are built-in they are not available in the console and they are not editable in Reports Explorer.  However, you can modify the output and default search type from the External Search Configuration wizard.

Show URL Addresses: Shows the URLs of pages in search results.  On by default.
Search Engine Mode: Shows answers, web pages or both in search results.
Default Search Type: Select OR, AND, or logical expression searches.
Default Sort Type: Selects the sort type of results - Score, Time, Title, Reverse Time, or Reverse Title.

The reports 10016 and 10022 have a slightly different format. On both reports answer results are displayed before external page results.

Report 10016 displays:

the document title,
a preview of the answer or web page,
the document size,
last updated date,
search score, and
URL (if enabled).

Report 10022 displays:

the document title,
a preview of the answer or web page,
URL (if enabled), and
last updated date.

To show the reports you must make changes to the customer portal pages, home.php and /answers/list.php.

You should add the WebSearchType widget to the search window on the home.php page:

<rn:widget path="search/SearchButton" report_page_url="/app/answers/list_web"/>
<p> <rn:widget path="search/WebSearchType"/> </p>

You must change reports on the /answers/list.php page to the selected type of web index results report:

<rn:container report_id="10016">

The web indexer reports its user agent as "rightnow_webindexer".  Sites should add this indexer to the robots.txt file to allow indexing. For an Oracle B2C Service site use the following:

User-agent: rightnow_webindexer # RightNow # CUSTOM
Disallow:                                  # CUSTOM