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Enhancement requests review and evaluation
Answer ID 542   |   Last Review Date 08/09/2021

A while back, I submitted an enhancement request. How is that request reviewed? How can I check the status of that request?


Submitting Enhancement Requests to Oracle B2C Service Idea Lab


At Oracle B2C Service, we value your input and encourage you to suggest ways in which our products and services could be improved.

Customer-submitted enhancements via the Idea Lab, are reviewed regularly by a team of Oracle B2C Service members, including Product Management, and Development, for member interest, reach of impact, frequency of use, alignment with our product vision, feasibility, resources, market trends, and prioritization against other projects. The Oracle B2C Service product management team updates relevant enhancement requests' statuses, so you can tell if/how your idea is progressing.

Idea Statuses

Every idea has merit. We strive to review all ideas, but we prioritize responding to top-ranking ideas as indicated by your votes and comments.  Product Managers take into account the overall popularity/rank of an idea, but it doesn't guarantee an item will be prioritized on our product road map. Products Managers can and do deliver ideas with varying levels of votes.

"Why is there no status update to my idea?"

Some ideas are easier to implement than others. Don't be discouraged if your amazing new idea isn't immediately picked up. Some ideas take longer than others, and some ideas will not be possible within the scope of what we want to accomplish in the next year or so.

Make sure to subscribe to an idea to receive email notifications of status changes and comments from other users and Oracle B2C Service.


Status Definitions
Under Oracle Review The idea is under consideration by Oracle
More Information Requested This idea requires more information
Option for Future Release This idea has been reviewed and may be considered for future release
Planned The idea is approved to be included in a future release
Delivered The idea has been added to the product
Current Capability The idea is already in the product
Duplicate This idea has already been submitted
Declined The idea will not be considered at this time
Archived The idea has been moved into an archive forum for historical reference