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Message Undeliverable failure in Audit Log
Answer ID 5355   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

Why is there a Message Undeliverable failure transaction that is occurring when trying to send an incident response?


All versions of Oracle RightNow CX, Incident Responses, Attachments


Failed messages can occur because of the size of an attachments that is included with a response.  There is a limit of approximately 8-10MB for any email message sent into or out of the application, but there are other variables that can affect that as well, such as bandwidth, server configuration, connection speeds, firewalls, etc.

As a rule of thumb and to avoid these failures, we encourage users that when they need to include a file that is larger than 5-6MB with an incident, that rather than trying to send it to the contact via an email response, instead attach large files to the incident and then direct them to the end user pages and their "My Account" page where they can download and view the document(s).

For more information on attachment size limits, refer to Answer ID 280: Maximum size of file attachments.