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Adding standard text with escalation emails
Answer ID 5291   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

How can we add standard text to an automated response for escalation emails?


Incidents, Rules, Escalations
Oracle B2C Service


To add standard text with an escalation notification email, you will have to add the following conditions in the THEN section of the escalation rule that sends email:

Append Response Template to Response Field  (Select the standard text variable)
Send Email Response to Sender (You can include incident details with this as well)

Please make sure you have these two operations in the same sequence because the rule needs to add the response template before it composes the response and sends the email.

Also, please make sure that the "Rule Email" is checked, as explained in Answer ID 5810: Rule email not sent.

For more informaiton on setting up escalation rules for incidents, refer to Answer ID 2181: Setting up escalation rules.