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Changes to ac_audit_log table
Answer ID 5235   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

Why is there an 'Edited' transaction shown on the Audit Log for my report even though I did not edit it?


February 2012 and newer releases, Analytics
Oracle B2C Service Site Updates


As part of the update process beginning in version February 2012, reports are not updated during cutover.  Rather, the reports are updated the first time they are accessed after cutover.  This operation goes through the Oracle RightNow standard API so if any changes are needed as a result of the update logic, an audit log entry will be recorded in the ac_audit_log table which will show as an 'Edited' transaction in the Audit Log of your report.  The ac_audit_log table stores transaction information on when a report is Created, Edited, Generated, Scheduled etc. and who created the transaction.  Please access the Data Dictionary for your site for more specific information on fields stored within the ac_audit_log table.

In version August 2012, there was a change in the way Oracle RightNow stores references to message bases in report definitions.  Due to this and the change in how reports are not updated at cutover, when you update to the August 2012 version of the product the first run of a report or the first open of a report in edit mode post cutover will result in an 'Edited' transaction being written to the ac_audit_log table.  The 'Edited' transaction recorded to the ac_audit_log related to the update of the report will only occur on the first run of the report or first open of the report in edit mode.  If you edit the report at some point after this first run or first open of the report in edit mode after cutover, these transactions will be recorded as normal to the ac_audit_log table and shown in the Audit Log in the report itself.