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Unable to create incidents via email
Answer ID 5170   |   Last Review Date 10/02/2021

Why am I unable to create an incident when sending an email to one of our Outreach mailboxes?


Outreach email, Incidents, Configuration setting


When a user sends an email to an Outreach mailbox where there is no contact record in the system with the same email address as the "From" address of the incoming email and the configuration setting EGW_AUTO_CONT_CREATE_MA is disabled, they receive an email back with the message "Your request for assistance cannot be accepted because your email address is not registered with an existing account".

The configuration setting EGW_AUTO_CONT_CREATE_MA can be enabled so that a new contact can send an email to your Outreach mailbox and a new incident will be created and a new contact record will be created (if a contact does not already exist).

Here is the definition of the EGW_AUTO_CONT_CREATE_MA configuration:

If enabled, a new contact record is created when an email message in a marketing mailbox is processed which contains an email address that does not already exist in a contact record in the database. The contact record will be populated with the contact's email address as well as the contact's first and last names if they can be extracted from the email headers. If the first and last names cannot be extracted, EGW_DEFAULT_FIRST_NAME and EGW_DEFAULT_LAST_NAME will be used. The user ID for the contact will be set to the contact's email address, and the password will be set based on how the EGW_PASSWD_CREATE setting is configured. Default is disabled (No).

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.

For more information on accessing the Configuration Editor and editing settings, refer to Answer ID 1960: Editing Configuration Settings.