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A permanently disabled staff account still receives emails via an incident rule
Answer ID 5143   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Why is a permanently disabled staff account still receiving emails via an incident rule?


Staff Account, Incidents, Rules


When permanently disabling a staff account which is being referenced by a rule, you will receive a pop up window notifying you of this. It is best, at this point, to go to the rule(s) being referenced and edit them to remove the reference of the staff account you want to permanently disable.

If you proceed with permanently disabling the staff account without first modifying the rule(s) to remove the reference of the staff account, then the rule will continue to send notifications to this staff account. In addition, the permanently disabled staff account will no longer display within the rule to deselect.

You will want to delete the rule action and re-add the rule action, only selecting the staff accounts you want the rule to send a notification out to.